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Carl Gustav Jung's Shadow and esoteric Nazism

“Certainly the Jews have lived much longer  in other countries but without the contact  to the soil that was not accessible to them  due to their being rooted in the Torah.” (Erich Neumann, Jung Correspondence 30 Jan 1936)
Many scholars, including Gary Lachman, consider Jung the father of modern New Age. Lachman compared him to thinkers like Steiner, Gurdjeff, Swedenborg and recognized his debt to esoterists like Madame Blavatsky. Not everyone is in favour of considering these aspects as praiseworthy for the Swiss psychologist. The reasons that led to his break with Freud certainly do not concern his ideas. Freud can be confused with a materialist, but in reality, he was a great innovator, and he did not reject Jung's ideas because he considered them crazy, but simply because he believed that caution was necessary. His goal was to make psychoanalysis credible to a public who at the time had total faith in science. Freud probably failed, but what led to his break with Jung was a diffe…

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